About Koom

KOOM TRANSMISSION TECHNOLOGY is a new company located in the Basque Country, a region of Spain which is well known for its important industrial activity.

Our speciality is the manufacturing and trading of rolling systems as well as both linear and rotative transmissions. All our products are designed in order to benefit to machinery manufacturers from different industrial sectors.

This project is the result of the observations collected by Julio Zarate Barrero along his 50 years’ experience as a consultant advising about the new technologies application in the machinery fabrication. We have developed this project with great enthusiasm thanks to our team of young engineers who have thoroughly studied its characteristics and harmoniously adapted its mechanisms in order to offer the greatest satisfaction to our future clients.

The KOOM TRANSMISSION TECHNOLOGY philosophy is based on its products commissioning at machine level, thus contributing to enormous management savings for its customers.

The mechanical innovation is a constant in our daily activity, using internationally recognized top quality products as components of our manufactured products (bearings, screws, etc.)

For all these reasons, we are at your disposal to initiate a collaboration based on the technology, collaboration and willingness to jointly obtain the highest aspirations.