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Koom Precision Nuts

Koom transmission technology, presents a new project of precision nuts with patented lock. koom precision nuts have been designed by unquestionable physical-mechanical principles that represent an important step forward in the field of application of locking nuts.

Koom precision lock nuts have been designed in a way that the triple tightening function is guaranteed to comply with perfect contact between nut and piece and high security of locking.


Koom nut locking system is achieved by a specific large pressure generated by headless screws or studs between the surfaces of the nut and the shaft (figure 1).

The great elasticity of the nut body allows it to cause an elastic deformation without danger of exceeding the limit of elasticity.

Principio acción-reacción

Figura 1

Koom precision nuts have been designed taking into account this important deformation factor and because it is a precision nut, we have differentiated by a circular channel the tightening areas and the locking areas. In this way, the deformation caused by the locking studs does not affect the nut tightening area. keeping this properties of precision, as to perpendicularity and flatness, in the area of contact with the part to fix.

Once the nut is tightened, it is locked by means of three threaded studs arranged (figure 2).

Principio de bloqueo

Figura 2

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