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Bearing sealing in rotating shafts is a necessary machine design constant if optimum operating results are to be obtained. There are two principles that are used today, the main difference between them being the FRICTION.

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Bearing seals WITH friction are suitable when they must fulfill their mission in the presence of liquids with considerable pressures and gases. The fact that there is friction implies that certain inconvenient such as the rise in temperature and wear both shaft where the lip fits as well as the one that occurs in the seal itself. These drawbacks translate directly into the life of the system being limited in time, being necessary to stop the machine to repair the system.

The FRICTION FREE sealing eliminates the drawbacks from the outset, and it can be said that it perfectly fulfills its task when the bearing is lubricated by GREASE. Its use is indicated in the presence of polluting particles, water splashes, humid environments, or all of them combined.

KOOM shutters are maintenance-free for the life of the machine.

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KOOM frictionless seals have been designed in such a way that a sinuous labyrinth of low light is produced inside them between the static and the dynamic ring, which effectively prevent the entry of contaminating particles into the bearing. In addition to this constructive principle, an important detail has been considered for the grease-lubricated rotary shafts, and it is the presence of an important grease reserve chamber, essential to consider the ” for life ” system.

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