Sistemas de rodadura RSK

Rolling System KOOM RSK

RSK rolling cartridges are designed as an “all-in-one” solution for a wide range of machine axes that work under specific load and speed conditions.

The use of RSK synthesizes a group of actions which goes from the moment of the project itself where the designer must consult and select several different types of pieces, catalogs, and so on. To the supply department that must contact several suppliers, and all this entails, such as delivery notes, invoices, warehouse, and so on.

Sección RSK

Parts of an RSK

The composition of RSK rolling cartridges consists of:

  • One or more BEARINGS of different types.

  • Two “frictionless” SEALERS protecting the bearing in order to preserve it from impurities and also having a double chamber for grease reserve.

  • A PRECISION NUT (KOOM patent) to make a package that cannot be disassembled due to vibrations, change of direction, and the like.

All these parts harmoniously mounted on a RECTIFIED PRECISION BUSHING and with flange to fix it strongly by means of screws to a support part as a head, casing, and so on.

1. Bearings

The type of bearings on the market is quite wide in terms of the rolling elements that are part, as bearing components are concerned: balls, cylindrical rollers, tapered rollers, needles, and so forth.

KOOM has selected in principle three different types of bearings. All of them based on the balls that are detailed below:

  • Series 3000/3200 (balls with double angular contact of 40º).
  • 6000/6200 series (rigid balls).
  • 7000/7200 series (angular contact balls with various contact angles). The standard diameter range is from Ø 20 mm to Ø 200 mm.


  • The bearings that we use in the construction of RSK systems or cartridges are purchased and assembled by KOOM from a selection of the world’s leading and most prestigious manufacturers such as SKF – FAG – NTN – NSK – among others.
  • KOOM reserves the right to use any of the selected brands at any specific time. If the customer wants the cartridges to mount a CONCRETE brand, KOOM must by notified at the time of ordering.
  • The selection of the ideal type of bearing to satisfy the demands given by the external loads and revolutions of the axis in question will be carried out following the instructions and forms published by the manufacturers of this specialty of parts.
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2. Shutters

KOOM has selected the so-called “frictionless” sealing system for the rolling cartridges. This system provides a series of
very important advantages over “friction lip” systems, such as:

  • The absence of friction eliminates the presence of temperature rise in the system.
  • There is no frictional wear so lubricant leaks that cause premature bearing destruction are not present in the system.
  • The life of KOOM shutters can be considered to save a life like that of the machine.

3. Precision nut

The Precision Nut (KOOM patent) component of the RSK rolling system is a basic part of the system since it has a locking system based on the physical principle of action / reaction that prevents it from loosening due to vibrations. sudden changes in speed, and so on. The material is highly elastic so that the blockage is produced by an elastic deformation in the flanks of the thread.

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4. Rectified precision bushing

This component part of the cartridge is made of steel and is the one that houses the three aforementioned elements precisely adjusted to each other, forming a set that is also precise and simple in its assembly. This piece is completely rectified, achieving an extraordinary concentricity that avoids vibration during operation.

Types of RSK Rolling Systems

  • With grease chambers
  • Rolling Series 3000 / 3200 / 6000 / 6200
  • With grease chambers 
  • With wáter cooling system 
  • Rolling systems 3000 / 3200 / 6000 / 3200
  • MQL system (Air / Oil)
  • Rolling systems 7000/7200
  • Different contact angles.
  • Bearings mounted by:
    • Couples 

    • Threesomes

    • Quartets