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RSK as a support solution for shafts inrotation represents a technical novelty within current technology.            

Its configuration has been studied in detail to offer a life of operation that meets the wishes of the user.

KOOM offers the possibility of supplying “Complete sets of axles” as an interesting economic alternative.

The design of the axles is a work of the manufacturer of the  machine following the technical recommendations from KOOM TRANSMISSION TECKNOLOGY for the areas where the rolling systems will be mounted.

Precision KOOM Nuts as such represents an advantage in terms of safety from loosening caused by vibrations or sudden changes in the direction of rotation.

KOOM has designed a new generation of so-called “NO FRACTION” shutters.

These have great advantages over the traditional lip ones since the absence of friction prevents the rise in temperature and deterioration of the material, producing lubricant leaks that decreases the life of the machine.

Transmisiones indirectas por poleas flotantes

Floating Pulley Transmissions

In order to avoid technical stops in the machines due to premature bearing breakage, the floating pulley transmission system absorbs the loads generated by the transmission plus the tension of the belt so that the small bearing of the rotor of the the motor exclusively supports the load of the rotor itself so that the motor only transmits torque.

The use of floating pulleys translates in great savings, especially in machines with high economic added value.

Transmisiones indirectas por husillos a bolas
Transmisiones directas por husillos a bolas

Linear Transmissions

The spindles, either ball, planetary rollers, etc. transform the rotary movement into linear.

These pieces must be supported by supports with unique features for their perfect operation. KOOM presents a range of media as a solution to the problem described.

KOOM’s Technical Commercial philosophy is oriented towards supplying complete transmission solutions. Putting the transmission designed according to the customer’s needs at the foot of the machine for its assembly and start-up.